The Dark Knight Director Disappointed Katie Holmes Turned Down Role

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The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan has said that he was disappointed that Katie Holmes turned down the part for the sequel. Katie played Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins and decided not to continue with her role in The Dark Knight. She was replaced with Maggie Gyllenhaal, who I have heard did a terrific job.

Nolan said, “Katie wasn't available for the role, which I wasn't very happy about, but these things happen, and I was very, very fortunate that Maggie was able to take it over.

The director had nothing but good things to say about Gyllenhaal and was quoted as saying that her energy helped generate chemistry between her and her co-stars.

Gyllenhaal actually sought out Katie's approval before agreeing to replace her in the Batman sequel. She of course received Katie's approval and decided that she would “offer a new interpretation of the character“.

I wanted to be sure, first of all, that I had her blessing,” Gyllenhaal explained. “And I was assured that I did. I'm a big fan of hers, I think she was really great in the first movie.”

And yet I felt like it wouldn't have done anyone any good if I tried to imitate her. Really what I decided was that it had to be a whole new woman. If I'm going to do what I do well, I have to be free to do it.”

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