The Daily WTF: Anderson Cooper Talks To Teen Exorcists

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Tomorrow on Anderson Cooper‘s daytime talk show, Anderson will talk to three baby Christian fundamentalists who claim to be exorcists, plus their cult leader reverend dad. In addition to casting out demons all over this great land, they have a reality show in the works, which might call their motivations into question just a smidge. As you can see from the preview clips, the girls talk like they're reading lines in an 8th grade production of The Witch of Blackbird Pond, especially when defending their magic voodoo craft.

Then again, I'd rather they were acting than crazy enough to believe that 1.) demons exist, 2.) demons possess their teen friends, and 3.) they're able to cast out said demons by waving crosses around and speaking in tongues at sleepover parties. For his part, Anderson is not too convinced, grilling them on various reasonable points. He's still a serious journalist, you guys.

As an atheist, it's my own personal Daily WTF that people believe in the spirit world at all, but I'll admit that these birds seem more cuckoo than most. Cuckoo and hungry for fame.

Or, to put it in Daria terms: “Are THESE TEEN EXORCISTS for REAL? Next, on Sick Sad World.”

(Via AndersonCooper.com)