The Daily Word by Rev Run

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Run’s HouseI absolutely love Run's House.  It's the modern-day, real life Cosby Show.  And I always love the very end when Rev Run lounges in his bubble bath and sends out his words of wisdom via Blackberry.

So, of course, when I found out that I could actually be on the other end of his inspirational messages, I totally jumped at the chance. 

And so can you.  Just go to RevsWordsofWisdom.com and sign up!  You can pretend (like I do) that you didn't sign up for it and are fabulous enough that Rev Run sends it out to you because of your undeniable coolness. 

Here's today's message:

Good morning. Asking is the proof that you've conquered pride. In most
cases, asking causes us to become humble. You didn't get into the program
you're interested in??? Reapply!!!! (Remember!!!) Ask Ask Ask!!!!!  Ask
God, ask people, ask whoever!!  Asking keeps you humble. And that's what
God wants…   Ask!!!!!!! 🙂
      God is Love
            Rev Run