The Daily Bieber: 30% Of Americans Expect Justin To Need Rehab

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Justin BieberAccording to a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, 30% of Americans expect Justin Bieber to be in rehab by the time he's 30. The poll was conducted by telephone, surveyed nearly 11,000 people, and centered on questions about where Justin will likely be in 15 years. We have several things to say about this:

1. Why is Vanity Fair conduction a poll, via telephone, about the hypothetical future habits of a 17-year-old pop star?

2. Who are these 11,000 citizens willing to interrupt their dinners of bacon-wrapped Jello hamburgers to answer a bunch of questions about said 17-year-old pop star?

3. What kind of a world do we live in where people have so little faith in maybe the one child star who's actively trying to avoid a life of substance-related excess? Whatever else you want to say about Justin Bieber, he is clearly conscious of these things, going so far as to ban alcohol from his hotel room. If we all assume that all child stars are inevitably going to end up miserable and addicted then why, as a culture, do we support them?

4. Grr. Grump.