What Ever Happened To The Cast Of The Craft?

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The Craft Walking In Hallway


Sometimes, I gaze wistfully out of a window and just wonder about what ever happened to the cast of The Craft. This month marks the movie's 18th anniversary, which means it's been 18 whole years since the world was mentally scarred by that shower scene. You know the one. And, it's like, were they the victims of someone's black magic, which banished them from Hollywood and maybe the Earth? Have they just taken up an interest in 24-hour knitting and decided not to act anymore? Seriously, what horrible thing have we done to deserve the disappearance of the single most creeptastic group of actresses in all of the land?

So, after a bit of sleuthing, I've been able to catch up with what the cast of this classic has been up to. How exactly did I get this info, you ask? Relax, it's only magic. And the internet. Mostly the internet, really.

1. Robin Tunney (Sarah)

Robin Tunney The Mentalist 53rd Monte Carlo TV Film Festival June 12 2013 Monaco

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Since being peer pressured into practicing black magic, it seems Robin's done quite a bit. She snagged starring roles in Prison Break and, currently, The Mentalist, as well as several scattered smaller roles. ALSO she's a celebrity poker extraordinaire, so I know who I'm inviting to Vegas the next time I briefly consider going before deciding not to.

2. Fairuza Balk (Nancy)

Fairuza Balk Samsung Galaxy Tab Launch Event August 2 2011 Los Angeles California

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Fairuza's continued to be an all-around creative human, dabbling in acting, video game voice work, art, and music. So, basically, she's James Franco if James Franco could just avoid Instagram altogether.

3. Neve Campbell (Bonnie)

Neve Campbell Austenland Los Angeles Premiere August 9 2013

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Apart from leading the one million and one Scream sequels, Neve's also done quite a lot of film and TV work. She even combined the two with that odd, odd Lifetime movieAn Amish Murder. Plus, she joined the exclusive Celebrity Mom Club when she gave birth to her son, Caspian, in 2012.

4. Rachel True (Rochelle)

Rachel True 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards April 18 2009

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Rachel never ordered anyone to “slam your body down and wind it all around,” because it turns out that she isn't actually Scary Spice. Nope, instead, she's been flying pretty under the radar, following the ending of her sitcom, Half & Half, in 2009.

5. Skeet Ulrich (Chris)

Skeet Ulrich BAFTA Los Angeles Caliornia November 30 2011

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I'm pleased to see that he recovered from being telekinetically thrown out of that bedroom window! He's been working steadily since this movie, but hasn't particularly stood out to me as of late. Although, I may have to eat my words really soon because he's got an NBC pilot airing soon called Babylon Fields that I'd probably be into.

6. Christine Taylor (Laura Lizzie)

Christine Taylor The Five Years February 24 2014 New York NY

(Photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN)

Um, I was just kidding about not knowing what Christine has been up to. Because it turns out that she's been busy being in all of your favorite TV shows and movies since. Like, Zoolander, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Arrested Development, Friendsto name a few. Oh, and she's also Christine Taylor-Stiller these days, as she's married to Ben Stiller.