The Cougar Town Cast Is Making A Bunch Of Fun Cameos On TV Shows This Fall

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Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence is a big fan of cross-promotion: Last season, the Community character Abed (Danny Pudi) popped up in the background of a Cougar episode; and when Scrubs was still on the air, Bill let star Sarah Chalke play a recurring role on How I Met Your Mother.

Now, the entire Cougar Town cast is doing a mass exodus of cross-promotion all over TV this fall. Since the show won't return for its third season until January, they figured they had time to kill. Plus, it's a great form of guerilla marketing that fans will actually enjoy watching.

So far 13 shows are onboard to feature the stars what sound like they'll be non-speaking roles—a treat for loyal viewers who can spot Busy Phillips, Dan Byrd, Josh Hopkins, or Brian Van Holt. Here are the ones we know, by network:

  • ABC: Body of Proof, Dancing with the Stars, Castle, Man Up!, The Middle
  • CBS: How I Met Your Mother
  • Nick, Jr.: Yo Gabba Gabba

The two big guest roles so far both happen tonight, on Shonda Rhimes‘ two medical dramas. Ian Gomez will convince us he's a doctor on Grey's Anatomy; then Courteney Cox and Christa Miller play a lesbian couple at a fertility clinic on Private Practice.

Courteney and daughter Coco were spotted earlier this week on Dancing with the Stars to cheer on her estranged husband David Arquette, but we assume that that appearance was unofficial. Whichever actor appears on that show will probably do so in-character.

And here's that Abed cameo, if you're curious: