Jennifer Love Hewitt Uses The Paparazzi To Promote Her Lifetime Show The Client List

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Jennifer Love Hewitt The Client List paparazziThis isn't the first time that the paparazzi has caught a photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt celebrating her birthday. But whereas for her 30th birthday Jennifer dressed up as Holly Golightly and recreated Breakfast at Tiffanys, this year she's got her career in mind.

While eating lunch at the Ivy on her birthday (February 21), Jennifer noticed the photographers lurking and hastily scribbled out this note. It's difficult to read, but it says, Watch The Client List in April! (With a heart on the exclamation point, naturally.)

Lifetime‘s new series, adapted from its deliriously bad TV movie of the same name, is set to premiere on Sunday, April 8 at 10 p.m. As we reported, the plot is a bit different from the movie; whereas originally Jennifer's character turned to a life of sex work to help her family, in this version her husband has already left her and she has no other way, as a single mother, to support her kid.

So, good for her for making the most out of her birthday lunch getting interrupted. And if that's not enough of a treat for fans, we uncovered this promo music video. Brace yourself, because it's unbelievably cheesy: You've got Jennifer singing “Big Spender” while strutting around in stripper heels and gyrating with naked men. Already Lifetime has set a high bar for how entertaining the show will be; we've got our fingers and toes crossed that they continue to match it.