Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Breasts Will Save Lifetime’s The Client List

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Lifetime‘s new series The Client List has everything that the network's loyal viewers love: Bad dialogue, characters who change their personality on a dime, and the utter logic of a former pageant queen giving happy endings to keep her children in their Texas mansion. Somehow, all of these qualities that would brand a show as bad on a major network work in perfect tandem to make The Client List laughably entertaining and soapy.

But even with this strange confluence of bad qualities, there's no guarantee that the show will last past a few episodes. Why did the producers decide that they could afford the risk of turning a story that was already a two-hour guilty-pleasure TV movie into a bonafide weekly series? Because they had their ace in the hole, that unites the show's many empirically bad qualities and will draw in viewers: Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s breasts.

We've noticed the actress' bustiness for most of her career; even on Ghost Whisperer, she inexplicably wore low-cut tops. Love Hewitt is no idiot; as Maxim‘s latest cover girl, she recently told the magazine, “It's horrible to say, but I like my boobs. They've always served me well.” And while her chest had to be digitally downsized for an ad in Entertainment Weekly, there is no such shortage on The Client List. We went through last night's hilarious pilot — it's called “The Rub” — and caught screenshots of her character Riley's every ridiculously skimpy outfit.