The Classic Oscars Acceptance Speech In Mad Libs Form

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The 84th Annual Academy Awards are just days away and I'm getting more and more anxious to see who will win. Will Tree of Life pull an upset and take home the Oscar for Best Picture? Can Glenn Close possibly win for Albert Nobbs? Will the actual War Horse have a speech prepared if his film Black Beauty: The Neigh-quel nabs the  Best Art Direction Oscar? So many questions!

The one thing we do know is that every single acceptance speech will be identical. Sure there may be some variations (but c'mon Mary-Kate Olsen is an inch taller than Ashley Olsen), but after watching these shows for years I think I have the formula down pat.

So check out this Mad Lib, save it and make sure to pull it up when the show starts so you can follow along with each and every speech.

(Photo: Sataloma)