The Choice Has A Problem If Their Biggest Celebrity Bachelors Are Joe Jonas And The Situation

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A week ago we had just heard of Fox‘s new dating reality show The Choice — whose name and method were cribbed from singing competition The Voice — and as much as it sounded like a joke, the network is clearly going ahead with it! Because today Entertainment Weekly released the first set photo, with host Cat Deeley standing among the familiar swivel chairs, as well as the cast list. And the latter is… a bit of a head-scratcher.

To be frank, I don't recognize half the names on here, and I've got a pretty good memory for Hollywood and reality stars! Plus, there's no discernable pattern to who they picked: You go from a former teenybopper to the guy who played Superman on TV to a celebrity chef to a smoky-eyed model. Sure, the list that I drew up last week was mostly joking, but at least all of those names were recognizable to The Choice‘s desired demographic. Well, here are your celebrity bachelors and bachelorettes… good luck recognizing all of them.

Pauly D
Tyson Beckford
Joe Jonas
Dean Cain
Rob Kardashian
Rocco DiSpirito
Warren Sapp
Finesse Mitchell
Jeremy Bloom
Jason Cook
Michael Catherwood
Seth Wescott
Parker Young
Ndamukong Suh
Dr. Robert Nettles
Taylor Hicks
Mike Sorrentino
Rob Gronkowski
Steven Lopez

Carmen Electra
Hope Dworaczyk
Rima Fakih
Sophie Monk

It's strange that the men outnumber the women five to one. When you think “reality dating show,” your mind immediately jumps to the spray-tanned wannabes on Rock of Love. Or at least, my mind does. But instead it seems to be the men who are the more desperate to stay relevant by playing The Dating Game with a bunch of normal girls. Some of them, like The Situation, Pauly D, and Rocco DiSpirito, have had their fair share of reality programming, though all very different unscripted shows. It's clear that Rob Kardashian and Romeo are riding their Dancing with the Stars popularity to yet another gimmicky show. Carmen Electra is the only woman we know uber-well, though Sophie Monk pops up online fairly often.

I wonder if Joe Jonas signed on for The Choice because he's jealous that older brother Kevin Jonas nabbed his own New Jersey-based reality show under Ryan Seacrest‘s watchful eye. But let's put aside the possible JoBros rivalry and focus on a truly “wtf” addition to the list… Taylor Hicks? Honestly, I thought the American Idol winner was gay, or I've regarded him as asexual. It's difficult to imagine him wooing some girl based on her voice alone.

I'm now a little less willing to tune in. What about you guys?

Photo: Michael Becker/FOX