The Change-Up Costars Olivia Wilde And Jason Bateman Actually Get To Kiss In Their New Movie

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A photographer snapped this shot of Jason Bateman kissing costar Olivia Wilde while shooting The Longest Week in New York City. And I have to say, good for them!

One of my biggest complaints about The Change-Up was that Jason's character never got to enjoy being stuck in Ryan Reynolds‘ body; he was so neutered by marriage that he wouldn't even have a fling with his assistant, played by Olivia Wilde. What's meant to be a redeeming moment comes off as disappointing.

Maybe that movie's writers thought that no one would take seriously that an older, doofy guy like Jason could bag a hot young thing like Olivia. To which I say, this kiss is pretty hot.

So what is The Longest Week about, anyway? Jason plays rich man-child Conrad Valmont, who lives in his parents' hotel and refuses to get a job. But of course, everything changes when he falls for his best friend's girlfriend, played by Olivia. (We're assuming that best friend is Billy Crudup, the next big name in the movie.) Deadline bills this as a comedy, though we're hoping it'll have a little more heft than Russell Brand‘s similar movie Arthur.