5 Reasons You Should Still Watch The Challenge Even Though Danny & Melinda Are Gone

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For the most part, last night’s episode of The Challenge: Battle of The Seasons really bored me. In fact, it almost lost me for the rest of the season. That was until I realized some hidden gems that might make the rest of the season worth watching.

First, MTV, I’ve got a bone to pick with you, and some questions to ask. People are getting too good at this game and alliances are too strong. Since when is loyalty important to these guys? Also, where’s the backstabbing that this show is known for?! There are no slutty, drunken messes (only drunken messes…yawn) or particularly interesting hook-ups. Now that Danny Jamieson and Melinda Stolp are gone (ugh) the only awkwardness between exes that I have to look forward to is between Ryan Knight and Jemmye Carole from Real World: New Orleans, and I don’t even know who they are. Guys, couples are working out together instead of fighting. I’m BORED.

Also, another question I have: Why is Eric Banks from Fresh Meat on this show? Better yet, why do they call him “Easy E?” Nothing is easy for him. I want nothing more than for him to succeed, that would be a great underdog story, but he just can't hang.

Okay, well even with all of this, I’m still planning on watching the rest of this season. Maybe you think I’m a masochist OR maybe I’m onto something. Check out my 5 reasons for watching below and decide for yourself:

         1) The dumb shit they say
Really, I don’t know where they come up with some of these one liners, but they are just too good. Here are my personal favorites:

  • Speaking about Alton Williams, teammate Trishelle Canatella says he is”picking vagina over his own teammates.” How very poetic, Trishelle.
  • “[that team is] softer than puppy turds”
  • “Strategy boots” – Example: “I don’t know why Cara Maria Sorbello is playing this game, but it doesn't matter because she didn't have her strategy boots on and lost.”

         2) Alton's Hats

Sometimes he’s wearing a bandanna, sometimes a baseball cap, or sometimes they change from frame to frame, but this one is my personal favorite 

         3) So I can finally figure out who these people are:

Seriously, anybody know?

         4) Previews

In the coming episodes it looks like there will be some suitcases in the pool, tears shed, physical altercations, and lots of screaming. Finally, some promise!

 5) Zach Nichols

Zach Nichols from Real World: San Diego is still on the show, and let’s face it, I've got a spot for him in my heart that’s softer than puppy turds.

Screenshots: MTV.com / Photo: @ZachMTV