The Cast Of The Baby-Sitters Club Reunited And It’s Everything

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Proving that ’90s nostalgia isn’t going anywhere, the cast of the 1995 movie The Baby-Sitters Club reunited in honor of the movie’s 20 year anniversary, and it melted my little heart.

Most people remember The Baby-Sitters Club as a series of Scholastic books that followed a diverse group of girls as they went through the trials and tribulations of teendom and, well, babysat (duh). It also became a movie that I watched so many times, my little sister threw the VHS tape out our bedroom window. I guess she wanted to watch Toy Story instead? Whatever, I’m not over it.

It was sappy and it was sweet, and it gave us some heart-wrenching moments like the scene where Kristy’s deadbeat dad left her alone at an amusement park after it closed, and she was lost in the pouring rain. Asshole. Also chronicled: first kisses, first crushes, and all the awkward crap you go through during puberty.

Well, the cast of the movie reunited in honor of the 20th anniversary (which happened on August 18th, but we’ll cut them some slack) for a screening, and they obvs took some cute selfies.

My day has been made.

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(Photo: Buzzfeed)