The Cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Admits To A Bucket Of Botox

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We've been vaguely obsessed with Bravo's newest Real Housewives franchise ever since we found out about its existence. And the chosen housewives have not disappointed when it comes to drama, detachment from reality or over the top plastic surgery.

And now, according to US Weekly, the cast of Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has finally admitted to what surgeries they've all had done. And it looks like our estimations were pretty accurate. So what exactly  went into making them all Housewives? At least “a bucket of Botox!”

The ladies were on Judith Regan‘s SIRIUS XM radio show this weekend, where they all admitted to exactly how much nipping and tucking they've had done.

Every single one of the housewives has gotten Botox. Lisa Vanderpump says: “I plead the fifth … Okay, I have a bucket of Botox in my face!” Meanwhile, Camille Grammer says she's had “just a crock full of Botox.” Fun times!

Other than that, they've all had boob jobs. Though the Richards sisters are a bit cagey about that. Kim says she had hers taken out. And Kyle admits to a nose job, but says “these are my own boobs!”

And Adrienne Maloof would like to set the record straight. She's had Botox, fillers, boobs, and a nose job. But: “No lips … No cheek bones.”

The moral lesson? It's important to keep some things on the original model, ladies!