The Carrie Diaries Looks Just As Dramatic And Unrealistic As We’d Expect Carrie Bradshaw’s Adolescence To Be

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The Carrie Diaries trailer AnnaSophia Robb Carrie Bradshaw Austin Butler Freema Agyeman New York City unrealistic dramaticAfter watching the first full trailer for The CW's upcoming Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries, I can confirm that AnnaSophia Robb has mastered quite a few aspects of Carrie Bradshaw‘s character:

  • Emotional voiceovers
  • Playing lost-little-girl but also tough
  • Doing dramatic things like fainting in the school hallways
  • Getting everything handed to her
  • Falling in love with Manhattan

As we noted last week, The Carrie Diaries begins in suburban Connecticut, where 16-year-old Carrie is dealing with the death of her mother and a blossoming relationship with bad-boy Sebastian Kydd (Austin Butler). Then suddenly, her lawyer dad decides that the most reasonable thing to do is give his daughter a law internship in the big city.

Whereas the book The Carrie Diaries (also written by Candace Bushnell) ends with Carrie making it to NYC, it's clear that the TV show's writers are pushing her to her first love quicker than usual to match the glamor of the HBO series. As unrealistic as it seems for a 16-year-old to be doing an internship hours away from school, next thing we know, Carrie is prancing through discount clothing store Century 21 and gawking at cabs.

She also meets Larissa Loughton (Freema Agyeman), the style editor for Interview magazine, who decides that Carrie is some fashion icon despite her lack of designer duds. Weirdly enough, she invites this kid — who she's decided has “this whole innocent-but-young thing” — along to photo shoots and parties. Before you can ask Isn't that a bit risky?, Carrie is out on the town with all these professionals at least ten years older than her, only to realize that she needs to make it back to the prom by midnight.

It's a cheesy-looking Cinderella story that actually brings to mind that awful ABC Family show Jane By Design. In fact, it's basically the same plot — high schooler with mommy issues leads secret double life — except this show seems to have more sex. And voiceovers! I have to laugh at how AnnaSophia, who sounds quite a bit like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, has recreated Sarah Jessica Parker‘s annoyingly indecisive inner monologues. Like when she gets into the cab and doesn't know where it'll be taking her… Carrie, you're doing New York City wrong.

Photo: The CW