Let Me Tell You What I Think The Carrie Diaries, The Sex And The City Prequel, Will Be About

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New stills and trailers are being published from the set of The Carrie Diaries, a new show on the CW following a young Carrie Bradshaw around the city in 1984. As a fan of the Sex in the City series and the first movie, I used to be a little more lenient of their choices than I perhaps should have been, but then the second movie came out and now that's all out the window. This series is now fair game for me to dissect and predict and dislike immediately without any advance information about it whatsoever. So let's talk about it.

Without seeing any pictures, I'm guessing it's the story of a little pony lost in the city who meets a fairy godmother who transforms her into a girl. And nobody ever even knows that she was a pony, except for the tell-tale signs of horse-face that the godmother left behind. That would match up perfectly with the story arc that Sarah Jessica Parker created in the original series. But then I saw the pictures and it turns out that AnnaSophia Robb, the girl who's playing Carrie, doesn't actually  have a horse-face, or even a pony-face. That's a shame. I would've liked if the show creators could've stayed a little closer to the original, but what can you do?

Having studied the pictures, I'm now assuming there's some sort of Flinstones tie-in, as Carrie is flagging down a cab wearing a dress made from the scraps of an old Fred Flinstone costume. So maybe they're doing an alternate universe where the 80s was a prehistoric era. Carrie will be a young trendy caveperson who rides around on her dinosaur, Miranda, while chased by lovesick mastodon Charlotte. It might be a little bit edgy for most peoples' tastes, but I personally am looking forward to seeing how Carrie makes that foot car scoot around while wearing Jimmy Choos.

(Image: The CW via Huffington Post)