The Campaign May Or May Not Have Been Written In A Frat House Basement

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The Campaign May Or May Not Have Been Written In A Frat House Basement The Campaign Mama Joke gif

“Maybe an upskirt joke?” one brother asked from the corner. Except he wasn’t really asking, as much as making an obvious point. Every good script needs at least one upskirt joke. You see, it’s funny, because you can see UP a girl’s skirt without having to even ask her to see up it.

So they reworked the script while watching  old reruns of Saturday Night Live and at one point realized they needed Will Ferrell. Oh and they needed him to play George Bush. Well, not actually George Bush, because that would make no sense.

“Oh, we’ll just make him a democrat in the movie,” said one particularly high brother.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,” said someone else, “then it’s totally a different character!”

“Guys! Please, let’s get back on track.  We need more poop jokes. What do you think about giving one of the politicians a quirk where he shits whenever he’s ticked. We’ll call him tickleshits or something.”

They all laughed uproariously. That’s comedic gold. Tickleshits. In fact, they laughed so hard  at the concept of someone shitting when tickled, that they didn’t get any work done for a good hour or so.

Around 4 A.M, with the script almost completed and all the natty lites almost drank, they tried to think about who should play the republican candidate in this film opposite Will Ferrell/George Bush/Not George Bush.

“Oh man, I know. How about that total weirdo Zach Galifianakis? He’s so funny!”

High fives all around. Until one lone voice piped up.

“B-b-but, do you guys, you bros, you dudes think that maybe having two really distinct comedic actors in on film might be too much?”

Someone punched him in the face for being so incredibly stupid. Then someone else made him go sit in the bathroom until he came up with 9 more poop jokes to insert randomly into the script.

Then, as the sun rose in the morning, they put their finishing touches on the script.

“Maybe we could throw in another baby punching gag?” said one brother.

“No,” said another, “punching a baby and a dog is perfect. One more punch would ruin it.”

So they hazed a few pledges for good luck, mailed it to the good people of Hollywood and hoped for the best.

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