The Breaking Dawn, Part 1 Trailer Introduces the Newest Twilight Character: Bella and Edward’s Deadly Vampire Fetus!

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You would've thought that Stephenie Meyer would give her characters a break, and that after finally letting Bella and Edward have sex, things would be relatively normal — right? Not a chance. As we see in the new trailer for Breaking Dawn, Part 1, mere days after Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson‘s characters consummate their marriage, Bella gets knocked up. And it puts every other pregnancy to shame: The vampire-human hybrid is crushing her from the inside. Still want to have sex? That's what we thought.

It is pretty fun to get a clearer sense of where the conflicts will be in this movie; the last trailer was all about making Twihards cry with footage from Bella and Edward's wedding. Now, we get more glimpses of their honeymoon, that infamous sex scene (did you spot the feathers?), and how the Volturi react to the new life growing inside Bella.

But the saddest part is Jacob (Taylor Lautner) having to say goodbye to Bella at her wedding — because after all, she's choosing to become a vampire, and that makes her his sworn enemy. I'm really glad that the movies have continued to argue Jacob's side even though it's a foregone conclusion that he'll never get her.