Watch The Book Thief Trailer, Make Plans To Spend November 15th Weeping

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I just watched the trailer for The Book Thief, ergo I was able to put an appointment on my calendar for November 15th, 2013 reading simply 'cry forever'.There are a lot of reasons that one might have to set aside an entire day to ooze saline from their eyeholes, but this movie is hitting a whole heap of mine in one go. Here's the synopsis from IMDb:

"While subjected to the horrors of WWII Germany, young Liesel finds solace by stealing books and sharing them with others. Under the stairs in her home, a Jewish refuge is being sheltered by her adoptive parents."

First of all, it's based in Germany during World War II, which is not high up on my list of 'Most Heart-Warming Times And Places', second of all it's being released in prime Oscar-baiting season, and those movies love nothing better than to make me weep like a child, third of all it presents reading as a source of solace in a war-torn country, which touches my tender heart as a long-time lover of books, and finally, it contains my greatest emotional weakness — Geoffrey Rush.

As if the setting of Nazi Germany wasn't traumatic enough on its own, Geoffrey Rush has a history of turning me into a melty sadpuddle. I saw him in his Tony Award-winning role on Broadway in Exit The King in 2009 and oh my god you guys. Oh my weeping god. I didn't know anything about the show going in, so I made the mistake of watching from the front row, aka my total emotional meltdown was completely visible from the stage.

Aka Geoffrey Rush knows exactly what he did to me, because we had several instances of prolonged eye contact while I had tears running down my face. I'm sure people say this all the time, that they had an emotional connection during a theater production with an actor who in actuality was zero percent aware of them BUT GUYS THIS REALLY DID HAPPEN I SWEAR IT.

So all of this just leads me to believe that Geoffrey Rush is doing all of this intentionally to send me to Devastationtown. Such typical Geoff behavior, guys. Yeah that's right, we're on a first-name basis.

The Book Thief also stars Emily Watson and Sophie Nelisse and is based on the book by Markus Zusak.