5 Facts About The Cast Of Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring

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The Bling Ring cast photo Emma Watson Sofia Coppola

Here's the first official photo for The Bling Ring, the second movie to come out of the mini-scandal from a few years ago when a bunch of spoiled Hollywood kids broke into the homes of stars like Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom to nick their loot. We've already seen Twitpics of star Emma Watson utterly unrecognizable in a hot pink velour tracksuit and Uggs, but I realized that we don't know anything about who else is in Sofia Coppola‘s film. From left to right…

Taissa Farmiga (Sam): We profiled Taissa last fall when American Horror Story premiered on FX, and learned that not only is she Vera Farmiga‘s younger sister, but for the longest time she wanted nothing to do with acting. In The Bling Ring, she plays Emma's younger sister.

Israel Broussard (Marc): Born in Mississippi, Israel was in elementary school when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. He rode out the devastation with his father and youngest sister.

Emma Watson (Nicki): “I just watched a ton of reality TV,” she told EWand yeah, that is the key way to research a role like this. “I was doing an English course [at Brown University]. So I would go from reading Virginia Woolf to [watching] Kim Kardashian. I kind of loved it, this mix of super-high and super-low culture. I think it was a nice balance.”

Katie Chang (Rebecca): Impressively, Katie is still in school: She's a student at the Wilmette Theatre Actors' Training Center in Chicago. She was interviewed by Nylon magazine—the actual print mag, so it's a bit difficult to read their interview with her. However, one takeaway is that she'd like to be a screenwriter and used to dream of writing for a TV show like 30 Rock.

Claire Alys Julien (Chloe): Lest someone pull a Girls and start yelling “Nepotism!” now, we'll save you the trouble: Her dad is Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister. I mean, that didn't really change our opinions of her (we probably won't have any til the movie is out), but it's the kind of thing people are interested in knowing. Interestingly, some sites call her by her dad's surname, but she's listed as Claire Alys Julien on IMDb. So maybe she's trying to strike out on her own away from the family name?

Then there are the older and more famous actors who weren't in the promo photo: Leslie Mann, Gavin Rossdale, and Sofia's favorite collaborator Kirsten DunstThe Bling Ring comes out sometime in 2013.

Photo: Entertainment Weekly