The Best Rebecca Black Parody Videos and Fan Tweets

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Rebecca Black. Oh lawd. We already know how bad this video is, and we feel bad for a teenage girl who is being ripped on. But let’s be honest – I know my days of the week and I especially know the days of the weekend. Who really cares about Monday-Thursday? This girl has got it right! We can’t hate on her! Oh…but there are more words to the song, and of course that video…Fun. Fun. Fun.

Of course for every 1,000 people who are laughing you have 1 fan, so there really is a Rebecca Black fan club on Twitter and they have tweeted out support and of course some pretty disturbing aspirations for the “singer.” Because I am open to Rebecca Black being a joke, I am kinda hoping her fan club may be fake…

There is an unverified official Rebecca Twitter…the bio says ITunes will have her single April 1st:
I'm a recording artist from Los Angeles, California. Music/Entertainment Channel and Independent Record. ‘Friday' is on iTunes ~ April 1st! With all the hoopla, You Tube has come alive! With remakes, covers and such! Here we have some of the best…

Of course we need a slowed-down version of the song…


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