The Next Best Thing To Sleeping With The Cast Of Magic Mike Are These Magic Mike E-Cards

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There's no better way to express your romantic feelings toward someone than by sharing a Magic Mike e-card with them. It's clinically proven. 3 out of 4 dentists assure us that it's the best way to keep a relationship strong. And that's why we've searched the web for the best of the best Magic Mike e-cards. Not only to honor this phenomenal movie (being hailed as the Kramer v. Kramer of stripper movies set in Tampa), but also to help you help yourself with your love life. Whether your love life involves an actual person or it involves a battery operated device.

No judging here on Crushable. Not after I spent hours googling “Magic Mike” and “Channing Tatum's penis?” for hours on end this morning. Seriously, sharing one of these heartfelt cards with the one/thing you love will help you build a better relationship with your signficant other/thing. Or it will at least encourage that special someone to wax all that unnecessary back hair.

No, really. If Alex Pettyfer can shave his legs, then your boyfriend (or stripper hook-up if you're Olivia Munn) can wax his back. It's only fair that men fall victim to the same beauty standards that we're held to every single day.

Beauty-in-the-media politics aside, here are the best of the best Magic Mike e-cards.