The Best Of: Nostalgic 90s TV Intros

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What did we ever do before the Internet? Oh that’s right…we watched tons of television, so honestly, not that different than what we do now. But maybe it’s our old, jaded brains talking here, but didn’t the TV themes of our youth seem more fun? Interesting? With all the reality programming now, what’s the need for a catchy, iconic theme song like “Hey Sandy” from Pete and Pete or the weird Na-na-na’s from Clarissa Explains It All? Below, we take a look at our top 10 pics for best 90s TV credits.

Adventures Of Pete and Pete
Nothing said 90s alt-rock like a theme song by Polaris and Michael Stipe selling ice-cream.

Are you Afraid Of The Dark
The first TV intro to ever give us nightmares.

Salute Your Shorts
Made a catchphrase of “Get it right or pay the price!”

Fresh Prince Of Bell Air
The beginning of Will Smith‘s very successful rapping career.

You Can’t Do That On Television
This is why we don’t let Terry Gilliam make kid show openings anymore.

Ally McBeal
Arguably the best part of this show was the music (and Robert Downey Jr.)

Tiny Toon Adventures
For a kids cartoon in the afternoon, this show threw a lot of pop culture references in right from the get-go.

hey dude intro

baby fark mcgeezacks | MySpace Video
Hey Dude
We already have an obsession with this particular show, but the deep baritone in the theme song sticks out in our mind than the names of any of the characters or why they were on that ranch in the first place.

Another alt-rock theme, by the all girls band Splendora. Totally captured the ennui and cynicism we felt towards those Plastics in high school.

Before Jared Leto was known for his wildly successful band (j/k) he was every girls’ dream boy as Jordan Catalano in My So-Called Life. Also our editor’s pick for favorite 90s intro of all time.