The Best MTV Movie Awards Parodies (With a Dance Break!)

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The 20th MTV Movie Awards airs at 9/8c this Sunday. There'll be musical numbers, exclusive speak peaks, and Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson kissing extremely awkwardly (although this year Taylor Lautner could join them, creating the only three person kiss less awkward then a traditional pairing). But what I'll really be watching for is the annual movie parody.

Below are some of the best parodies of the last twenty years (and a clip of last year's JLo/Tom Cruise dance, just because). Some need no explanation (Betty White in a giant fuzzy top hat) while some just illustrate a bygone era (was Andy Dick really that popular with the MTV set?). Now the question remains, what movie will they make fun of this year? My hope is they'll use The Social Network. Jason Sudeikis won't even have to say anything, just desperately attempt to get a word in edgewise between the mile a minute dialogue.


Wouldn't a Halloween spoof  have worked better?

1996 – Clueless

I guess we know who the girls of Clueless grow up to be.

2002 – Lord of the Rings

I'm pretty sure if Buffy had led the quest to Mount Doom it only would have taken one movie.

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