The Best and Worst Elizabeth Taylor Obituaries

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Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most famous actors of our time, her legendary beauty, style and of course talent was something that was always admired. She gave support to AIDS research by starting a foundation in memory of her close friend Rock Hudson (who died of the disease). She was glamorous, savvy and talented, winning two Oscars. Her nickname was “One Shot Liz” for being able to do a scene in one take, I had to do a double take when reading some of the obits all over the internet. Some are downright hateful, and others brazenly rude. I am appalled. The fact that so many people have forgotten what a star Liz Taylor was is just depressing.

For example, National Review Online’s Mona Charen, who I hope is forced to write a retraction, wrote one single paragraph and didn't bother to mention Taylor's career success or activism:

She may have gained a few too many pounds in her later years. And she may have said some silly things. But there are two things worth remembering about Liz Taylor — she was, in the beauty department, a bird of paradise. Second, though she endured a great deal of ridicule for her — was it eight marriages — she explained that she just couldn’t bring herself to have “affairs.” If she was romantically involved with someone, it had “to lead to the altar.” Seems quaint today. She will now enjoy the company of the angels — the only creatures that can match her for looks.”

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