‘The BAMF Girls Club’ Correctly Predicts That Buffy And Bella Would Be Frenemies While Katniss And Hermione Get Along Just Fine

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It's hard to believe that The Bad Girls Club has hit its ninth season—actually it's not, because people will tune in for utter shit and women yanking out each other's weaves. But why can't we have a reality show starring females who are actually strong, smart, and know how to wield a weapon other than razor-sharp press-on nails? Thankfully, the ladies at Comediva have seen fit to answer our prayers with a riotously funny new video: “The BAMF Girls Club,” a new reality series that groups the badass women of literature in the same house.

Of course, group any crowd of women together and their periods start to cycle together, so it's no surprise that as powerful as these ladies are, little rivalries start to crop up. I think my favorite has to be the dynamic between Buffy Summers and Bella Swan; even though they represent the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of self-sufficiency, they bond over ice-cold vampire dicks. Then again, the girl playing Katniss Everdeen is just great, from trading weapons with The Walking Dead‘s Michonne to coolly acknowledging the spells from Hermione Granger (who of course has the best confessional clips). Then there's Lisbeth Salander playing the Kelly Bensimon role, just sort of slinking around and spouting out crazy things.

Yeah, we would watch an entire season of these iconic characters cooking up each other's boyfriends and plotting fake romances and alliances for the cameras.