The Bachelor’s Shayne Lamas Is Already Putting Her Baby To Work

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You can never instill a good work ethic in your kids to early. For most parents that might mean giving your kindergartner a chore chart, but Bachelor winner Shayne Lamas is a lot more ambitious. She's considering signing her daughter Press Dahl Lamas-Richie up for a job before the girl is quite three months old. Should mom sign the contract Little Press will be set to start her career as the face of a baby clothing line put out by the Sugar Factory. This starter gig is reportedly offering Press a six-figure pay day, or looked at another way all the blankies and strained squash she could want.

While Shayne might be able to put this down as baby's first job in her baby book (hopefully they're updating those things to match the needs of the modern working infant),this isn't the first time Press' career has come up. Shayne was approached the talent agency Z Group about representing Press before she was born. I hope they let the kid take a lot of naps; at this rate she's going to be too tired to keep working past third grade.