The Bachelor’s Brad Womack: Convicted Felon. With A Weird Name.

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Oh the tangled webs Brad Womack weaves.  Today we learned that on top of being a failure at picking a bride the last time he was The Bachelor, ABC's current bachelor is also a felon.

More importantly, this fact escaped ABC producers because it all happened under his real name: Stephen Bradley Pickelsimer.

Aside from the whole wanting to hide from his arrest record, we can see why Brad decided to change his name from Pickelsimer. But now we're confused. He actually chose to be called Womack?

Granted, Brad is a bar owner, so it's not surprising that his rap sheet revolves around drinking.

According to E!, Womack's 1993 felony arrest was for forging a driver's license. He was also arrested for public intoxication and passing a bad check.

Nothing too surprising there. But now we're curious. What kind of name is Picklesimer?