17 Reasons Why Rachel from The Bachelorette Should Choose Peter

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Let’s be honest, when Peter Kraus stepped out of the limousine on the first night of this season’s The Bachelorette, the spark between him and the intelligent lawyer, Rachel Lindsay was palpable. As the season progressed, Peter proved himself to be a front-runner for the ground-breaking Bachelorette's final rose. Sure, her other options included a man that was still in a relationship, another whose sole purpose was to scream “Whaboom” over and over again, and a straight-up racist, but still Peter has remained down-to-earth and realistic the whole time.
It’s understandable that as we have gotten down to the remaining four guys, Rachel is having a hard time determining which of the guys is her real soul mate. Bryan Abasolo is certainly someone the Bachelorette can't get her mind of, though she wonders if he's too good to be true (IMO, he is!). Up there, too, is Dean Unglert a 26-year-old sweetheart but might be a little too young and immature for 31-year-old Rache. The last is Eric Bigger, whose connection with Rachel started slowly but skyrocketed after their one-on-one a few weeks ago. But when you look at all the facts, it's pretty clear that Peter is the greatest catch and here are the reasons why: