In ‘Of Course They Did’ News, The Bachelorette’s Jef And Emily Have Probably Split Up

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Sometimes I worry that there's no hope for love in this cruel, cruel world. If two people who meet on a television show and get engaged after like thirty days can't make it in the real world, then who can?? Certainly not the people who meet in more conventional ways like singles mixers and Okcupid…or like, actually in person. But as impossible as it sounds, it's happened again. Emily Maynard, the star of the most recent season of The Bachelorette and her chosen bachelor, Jef Holm, may have split up. Although their rep won't respond to the rumors, they haven't been seen out in weeks and have substantially scaled down the amount of time they've been spending together. I know what you're thinking — Emily just can't seem to catch a break. This is the second guy in a row that she's met through a reality TV show, gotten engaged to, and then broken up with. She's obviously doing everything right, so why isn't the universe rewarding her?

Emily was previously engaged to Brad Womack, who proposed to her on the finale of his season of The Bachelor, but then the two broke up later because OH OF COURSE THEY DID. I'm sorry, but we are living in a crazy world. This is a woman who says she wants a serious relationship, and a partner, and a father for her daughter…so why are you looking on television? You're a beautiful woman, why don't you just hang out at some classy bars or make an online dating profile, or — horror of horrors — just be single for a second! I have no personal experience in the matter, but why would you want the first days of your relationship to be in front of a camera? Or on a date with ten other guys? Or on a crystalline beach in The Bahamas? Every moment that you're together, from then on, is gonna feel false in some way, because all of a sudden the cameras are gonna be off, and it's gonna be just the two of you, and your kid is gonna be screaming, and you're cursing the humidity somewhere in North Carolina. It's a pretty bleak picture, but I have to believe it happens to everybody, because pretty much no one is able to continue their relationships after the show ceases filming.

Particularly with the isolation after the show, and the media attention, and the pressure. It's just not a good way to start a relationship, and as someone who has a young daughter, Ricki, I urge you to GET IT TOGETHER, Emily. Next time you meet a guy I don't even want to know about it until you've known each other at least twenty-four hours.

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