The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe Offers Sperm To His Sister And I Lose My Lunch

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Sean Lowe at the Zappos.com Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas Marathon held on the Las Vegas Strip

If you’ve been following The Bachelor then you have as little going on in your life as I do know that Sean Lowe has been keeping things PG-13 with his potential wives. But that doesn’t mean all his little swimmers are taking a break by the ice cream truck. Sean apparently recently offered some of his semen to his sister.

It’s not as gross as it sounds. Or maybe it is. You can be the judge. Apparently Sean’s sister and her husband are having trouble conceiving. When they considered a surrogate, Sean offered his sperm so that some of the family DNA could be part of the kid. That is so nice!

But I have many a question. First, surrogate usually just means baby-carrier. So let’s hope that in this case it means egg-provider and baby carrier. Because no matter where it happens, Sean’s sperm with his sister’s egg is an incest omelet. Second, did he do it? We're not sure.

But maybe this sheds light on Sean’s recent reluctance to make the most of the fantasy suites? When Sean presented each of the girls the option of spending the night with him, two out of the three made a big show of being not okay with how it might look to an outsider (before of course agreeing to do it). After over a decade of ladies grabbing those keys to the fantasy suite like they were winning lottery tickets, there's been a swing back towards decorum. It might be 2013 but it's looking like 1913 up in here. My mother would be proud.

And Sean was right on board with the promise-ring mentality. He made a big play of saying things like “I think you know my intentions” and “We’re on the same page” and “I’m saving my sperm for my sister.” Okay maybe not that last bit.

But it makes sense, right? You can’t have two little Seans running around at the same time. Those kids probably come out of the womb with six packs. They’d be hard to wrangle. Let's just hope he doesn't name any of them Tierra.

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