Juan Pablo Sets Bachelor Record As Andi Becomes Second Woman To Quit The Show

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Juan Pablo as The Bachelor 2014Hello Juan Pablo Galavis! Have you met my friend Karma? I don't think you two have been introduced before, but he watches you on The Bachelor, and I should warn you that he's a real bitch.

One of my favorite things about old Karms is that he hears and sees everything. So when you were going around before making all those comments about how homosexuality is a perversion, and confusing for children and all that, he was taking notes! And even though you were still coming off as pretty charming on the show, he knew that eventually your luck (and your edit) would run out. Because that's the thing — Karm is a very patient dude, and this week he finally got his due.

There were TWO two-hour episodes this week, because god is good and money is real, and on the one last night featuring the overnight dates, one of his final three choices, Andi Dorfman, elected to walk off the show. Even though these whirlwind romances only take a matter of weeks to fabricate film, she decided she'd had enough of Juan after their overnight date…because he couldn't stop talking about himself. Jusssst couldn't lay off of it.

Andi Dorfman on The Bachelor wants to smack him across the face

There are no cameras allowed in the Fantasy Suites, so we have no footage of what happened, but she said she really saw another side of him, one that wasn't interested in her at all. According to what she said after the fact, every time she'd start to bring up a story or a tidbit about herself, Juan would jump in with his own story and completely shut her down. Or else get really invested in kissing and sexy stuff, derailing the conversation and even bringing up his overnight date with Clare. Sounds really romantic.

And actually totally believable, given how weird their conversation got the next day. He didn't care at all that Andi was considering leaving, and it seemed like that was really the event that gave her the impetus to go. Even though she was in his final three and might have even made it to the final two, she had to peace out because she finally figured out Juan Pablo's a dick like the rest of us. I love it. Praise Karm, glorious Karm, long live Karm forever.

And this, of course, comes after opera singer Sharleen Joynt took herself out of the competition during Week 7 in Miami, something she'd been wanting to do and talking herself out of since literally day one. So it's been a tough coupla weeks for JP, huh? Might want to make sure that remaining-two Clare and Nikki are both definitely on board before you take a knee and EFFING PROPOSE TO ONE OF THEM. Just a thought.

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