That Girl Who Humiliated Herself On The Bachelor Says Producers Made Her Do It

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Kylie Lewis The Bachelor contestant season 18 January 2014(Image: ABC)

If you tuned into The Bachelor premiere this past Monday night, you know that it was chock-full of awkward moments. There were so many that I wrote an entire post about it, and I'd be hard-pressed to pick which was the most cringe-worthy. But I guess if I had to choose, it'd be that moment when the redhead Kylie Lewis thought she heard her name at the Rose Ceremony and stepped boldly forward to claim her bounty…only to discover that Juan Pablo had actually been calling ‘Kat'. KAT.

Cue a solid thirty seconds of everyone involved pulling extraordinarily awkward faces as Kylie slunk back to the line of girls and Juan Pablo looked anywhere but in her eyes. All the other women kept whispering, “Oh my god”, and I'd bet good money that I heard a “yeesh” thrown in there too. It was a pretty yeesh moment. And then of course, Kylie got sent home on the first night, making it even more awkward. And she pretended to cry and all that, and I just wanted to curl up into a little ball and die. (While somehow also still watching, because I couldn't take my eyes off that trainwreck.)

But now that she's off the show and speaking freely with TMZ, Kylie says that producers conspired to make her look like an idiot, by doing three main things. First, they made her change her hair color from strawberry blond to full-on red, because that's effing embarrassing. Here she is before the show, with her perfectly normal tresses, before hair dye RUINED EVERYTHING.

Kylie Lewis Twitter pic December 2013(via)

Look at all those blond streaks? How could you ask her to get rid of them? What are we, animals?!?! The second thing they apparently did was make her wear that weird pink dress instead of one that she wanted to wear in deep purple, and finally, instead of presenting with a picture she'd drawn of him in order to show of her skills as an artist and make a good first impression, she was instead told to tweet:

Kylie Lewis tweeting about The Bachelor September 2013


And then of course they didn't edit out that part of the show when stepped forward for the wrong name. Because of course they didn't. Because they love that crap. Because everybody loves that crap!

 Kylie thinks she was set up to look extremely desperate, and whether that was a result of producer intervention or her own nerves…I can't help but agree. Sorry girl. At least you were memorable?