The Bachelor Apparently Banged Three Girls This Season, Great Example For His Daughter

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The Bachelor Apparently Banged Three Girls This Season  Great Example For His Daughter Juan Pablo winking in The Bachelor GIF gif

I don’t know if you were as mesmerized by the shit show that was this season of The Bachelor as I was, but if you were watching, you probably remember Juan Pablo talking a lot about his daughter, Camila. A lot. A lot a lot. As in, every sentence where his mouth wasn’t insulting gay people or physically on the mouth of one of the female contestants, he was mentioning his daughter and how desperate he was to set a good example for her.

Which is great and all — what’s more adorable than a single dad devoted to his daughter? — except for the fact that he’s rumored to have slept with three women this season. That’s right, the same guy who would arbitrarily decide mid-episode that he wasn’t going to kiss anyone for the rest of the day (only to change his mind as soon as Clare came around) is rumored to have done a lot more than kiss with three separate ladies. And that’s not from a mystery source, either — it’s from Cassandra, one of the other women on the season and a single mother herself:

“There was a lot that they edited out. I am pretty sure that he banged three people [during the show].’

She doesn’t say whom, but if I had to guess, it’d be Clare, Andi, and Nikki, all of whom had Fantasy Suite dates, although Andi walked off the show soon after hers because JP was being a big ‘ol dick to her.

I’d love to feign astonishment at this, but it’s kind of hard, considering the complete ass-douche that Juan made of himself all season, but especially during the finale and After The Final rose show on Monday night. He’s been with Nikki for four months since the show ended, and still can’t get any more serious with his feelings about her than the ‘I like you a lot’ that he offered up in lieu of a proposal.

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