The Bachelor Finale: I Watched Ben Find True Love So You Don’t Have To

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Ben Higgins has found the one. The man who once deemed himself unlovable got engaged to the woman of his dreams Lauren Bushnell on the finale of The Bachelor last night leaving poor Jojo Fletcher heartbroken. Over the course of the show, Ben and Lauren had to endure increasingly awkward group dates, underhanded scheming from the other girls and the one-two punch of Lace/Olivia but they somehow found their way to each other.

Before (and after) we found out who Ben had chosen, we had to sit through a lot of tears, hugs, and utterances of “I'm in love with two women.” The final show took place at a live viewing party with Ben's family, both Lauren and Jojo's families and even Ben's preacher in attendance. They, along with a very reactive studio audience, watched Ben's final days with the women in Jamaica. Chris Harrison also awkwardly cut in every 5 minutes to say that they have Ben's preacher handy so he might actually get married on the show. I don't think anyone actually believed him, but it looked like he really enjoyed saying it, so everyone just kinda let him have it.

The first bit of the finale focused on Ben's parents meeting the two women he had fallen in love with, a fact his mom called “disturbing” so she became a favorite right off the bat. Ben's parents met with Lauren and never seemed extremely sold on her. Their conversations with Jojo went better and you can almost tell they're trying to telepathically scream at Ben to pick her, but he's still very much on the fence. While on a date with Jojo, they seclude themselves in a bathroom as he wades into the dangerous territory of telling her he's in love with both her and Lauren. Jojo says she feels “foolish” and Ben just keeps repeating that he's lost. I start to worry he's about to hightail into the Jamaica forest never to be seen again, but he has a meeting with engagement ring designer Neil Lane so he has to stay in camera range. It's during his session with Neil as the designer asks what kind of ring his chosen lady would want that Ben has a moment of clarity and knows who he wants to ask to be his bride. But first he has to send one lovely lady home.

When Jojo steps out of the helicopter, we know she's about to get her heart broken. The voiceover from her saying Ben promised he wouldn't blindside her again really gives the whole scene an “oh dear god” embarrassment factor. Ben tells her that he found love with her but “found it with someone else more.” Enter that someone else-Lauren. After calling her dad to get his blessing, Ben gets ready to pop the question with sweet sentiments like “I want to wake up every morning and kiss you on the face.” I mean, how can you say no to that, Lauren? They two twirl around, all in love and stuff, and we have another Bachelor couple to bet on to see if they make it. Ain't love grand.

The after show brings Ben and Lauren out for their first public appearance together. And although Ben's preacher has been pacing the hallways, Bible in hand, ready to make an honest man of Ben, him and Lauren decline to get married in a L.A. studio under an archway of roses some ABC intern put together an hour before the show.

The most important moment is we find out Jojo will be the next Bachelorette. So collect yourselves and your roses because in a few months time we'll all be back here ready to watch love bloom all over again. I can't wait.

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