An Amazing Video Of All The Times They Say ‘Amazing’ On The Bachelor, Amazing

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Juan Pablo from The Bachelor 'amazing' counter for Jimmy Kimmel LiveEven though we're still privately grumpy at Jimmy Kimmel for betraying us with that twerking girl on fire stunt, he does still sometimes make good videos. Harrumph.

This doesn't mean things are okay between us, Jimmy, but I will grudgingly admit that I really enjoyed something you did on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. It was pretty ‘amazing'…if you know what I mean. Sorry, just realized you have absolutely no idea what I mean, because I haven't even begun to explain it yet.

Okay so. If you watch The Bacheloryou're probably aware that they get up to some pretty effusive language. I mean, it's hard to actually fall in love with someone in a matter of weeks (especially if he's actively falling in love with other people right in front of your eyes and steadily eliminating anyone who disappoints him), so there's a lot of pressure on saying the kinds of words to make it seem like that's happening. And even though The Bachelor has a lot of words at their disposal, they seem pretty partial to one in particular — AMAZING.

Views can be amazing, women can be amazing, dates can be amazing, dresses can be amazing, attitudes can be amazing, single mothers can be amazing, stories about one's past can be amazing…you get the picture. Pretty much Juan Pablo is stumbling along in a perpetual state of amazement. It's amazing that he ever gets anything done. But also understandable, as he is such an amazing man, with such amazing principles and such an amazing attitude about his amazing daughter and ohmygod look out the window at the view from this helicopter! It's AMAZING!

Well played, Jimmy. I look forward to your future endeavors, as long as none of them involve me looking foolish in front of my friends. #NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK