Every Time Bryan on The Bachelorette Made Us Roll Our Eyes

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In the final episodes of this season’s The Bachelorette, all of us are anxiously awaiting who Rachel Lindsay will choose out of the remaining three guys. First, we have Peter Kraus, the dreamy personal trainer, with an adorable gap. Then we have Eric Bigger, another personal trainer, with a troubled past, but didn't let that define his future. Lastly, and most questionably, we have Bryan Abasolo, a chiropractor that makes us all roll our eyes… yet still Rachel finds herself enamored.

Since the first episode, Bryan has made everyone wonder what his deal is. With all his movie-script-esque one-liners and constant need for physical connection with Rachel, it's hard to believe his sincerity in all of this and how long they'd really stay together in reality. Basically, we're left wondering, “Is he really here for the right reasons?” With that being said, here are just some of the times that Bryan had us rolling our eyes on The Bachelorette.