Robert Downey Jr. Stars In This Fantastic Remixed The Avengers Trailer

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All movie trailers are not created equal: Some leave you utterly breathless, while others ruin the movie. But they all gain a little something when put in the hands of YouTuber Mike Relm. This guy has a knack for pulling out the best moments of a trailer — whether it's drama, sci-fi, comedy, or, as with here, superheroes — and setting them to an infectious beat. We just discovered his trailer remix for The Avengers, which he smartly uploaded over the weekend.

The footage is obviously just from trailers and TV spots, but he manages to work dynamically with what must amount to only about six minutes of footage. As with the movie, the trailer mostly focuses on Iron Man‘s (Robert Downey Jr.) narration, since he's the one to describe each of the heroes as well as banter with villain Loki (Tom Hiddleston). It's also fascinating to see the action sequences, both on the helicarrier and in the big battle in Midtown Manhattan, set to a techno beat.

Definitely check out Relm's YouTube page: He has a whole collection of movie trailer remixes, from My Week with Marilyn to one for The Hunger Games that reminds us how psyched we were just a few months ago when we first heard Rue's Mockingjay call and saw Katniss and Cinna meet for the first time.