Chris Hemsworth And Cobie Smulders Are The Best Parts Of The Avengers Gag Reel

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It used to be that my favorite Joss Whedon show blooper reel came from Firefly, with early-30s Nathan Fillion clowning around in space. But then the gag reel for The Avengers leaked online, and it's four minutes of adorable screw-ups and overdramatic line readings. Everyone just looks like they're having so much fun on-set! They made this movie that was funny and smart and intense, and of course there was tons of pressure—but they could also let loose and not take things so seriously.

I highlighted two stars in the title, but really everyone gets a minute in here. (Well, except for Scarlett Johansson, but maybe she was shy.) But these two bookend the reel and give you an idea of what you're seeing. At the beginning is Cobie Smulders: Her part in the film was smaller than we all expected, but in the gag reel she gets an Oscar-worthy speech about Agent Coulson's death and how she'll avenge him. COULSONNNN! Then at the end there's Chris Hemsworth just completely failing to catch Thor's hammer Mjolnir, in a shot you won't be able to stop giggling at. I would've liked to see Tom Hiddleston get a little more attention, but seeing as Jeremy Renner spends most of the movie in a trance, we saw plenty of his personality in these few minutes.

What makes me happiest about this trailer is that the actors completely embrace all of the slashiness the fans have pointed out in the movie. Like, everyone who ‘ships Science Boyfriends will be tickled in the sequence where Robert Downey Jr. keeps poking Mark Ruffalo (or as I see it, grabbing his ass) as he walks by. And the bit where Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson reaches for Chris Evans‘ face all soulfully was just so great.

The reel will probably get pulled very soon, so if you haven't already, watch it!