The Avengers’ ‘Chris Squared’ (Hemsworth And Evans) Tag-Teamed Their Way Through The View

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The Avengers Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth The View interviewI was totally worried that it would be awkward for Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans to appear on The View this morning: It was clear that the ladies wouldn't be asking them probing questions about The Avengers‘ themes or surprise twists. But instead this little “Chris Squared” press tour was a fun piece of fluff: The two guys got to kick back on the couch and innocently flirt with the ladies. In fact, after press conferences where they were grilled on reprising their roles as (respectively) Thor and Captain America, it must have been fun to just talk about themselves.

They easily rib on each other, with Hemsworth joking that Evans is a “mama's boy” — there's a really cute anecdote about Evans telling his mom about the first time he had sex — as well as the View hosts comparing shirtless photos of the two. (Hemsworth won that one, which is shocking because even though Captain America is super-enhanced, Thor is a god.) But Evans got back at Hemsworth when the ladies showed a clip of the latter shaking it on the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars… which makes Evans nearly cry with laughter.

The easy push-and-pull of which Chris to pick on seemed pretty calculated, and yet the guys were so charming that it just came off as two fun, attractive guys kicking back and chatting about their careers. Nice work, guys.

And here you have Chris Evans talking about how nervous he gets at press conferences and how he's really only proud of three movies of his. Join us in guessing which ones those are.

Photo: USA Weekend Magazine