‘The Amazing Spider-Man Honest Trailer’ Has A Problem With Andrew Garfield Being Such A Hot Loser

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The Amazing Spider-Man Honest Trailer Screen Junkies Andrew Garfield Peter Parker hot loserWhat funny timing: While comic book fans are celebrating or challenging the recent casting of Jamie Foxx as the villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the first movie of this rebooted superhero trilogy is getting the Honest Trailer treatment. If you haven't watched this great web series from Screen Junkies, make sure to check out how they tackled The Hunger Games. Basically, they break down whether blockbusters are worth seeing or not, by pointing out all of the inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the film. They also make much better jokes than I've seen in similar segments on SNL or other comedy programs.

Screen Junkies has the same central problem that a lot of Spider-Man viewers did: They think Andrew Garfield is just too darn hot to play nerdy outcast Peter Parker! Personally, I thought he worked just fine because even though Andrew's Peter was blessed with good looks, he's still arrogant and introverted and unsure of how to wield his power. But then how does he get Emma Stone, the hottest girl in school? Screen Junkies has a point there. The movie did like to shoot little moments they could throw in the trailer — like Peter denting the goal post on the football field — without addressing how obvious they were.

Also, the part about Martin Sheen trying to find a new way to say “With great power comes great responsibility” was spot-on. Perhaps the producers shouldn't have cast such iconic actors as Uncle Ben and Aunt May, because yeah, we did think of Sally Field as “Forrest Gump's mom.” Oh, and I'm going to call Andrew Garfield “Baby Head” from now on.

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