Andrew Garfield’s Sassy Spider-Man Is Way Better Than Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker From Spider-Man 3

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The Amazing Spider-Man new clip Andrew Garfield sassy Peter Parker

What killed Spider-Man 3 was Peter Parker (then played by Tobey Maguire) under the influence of the alien symbiote dancing around like a My Chemical Rejects fan and glaring at poor Mary Jane from underneath his greasy bangs.

How could we take Peter's emotional arc seriously after this? (The venom is a metaphor for experimenting with drugs, right?)

That creative decision is one of many reasons why we're glad that Andrew Garfield is taking the mantle as the new Spidey in The Amazing Spider-Man. So far we've seen Andrew's take on the character as mainly awkward and klutzy, but a new clip shows… could it be… a sassy Spider-Man.

In this scene, Peter has obviously mastered his web-shooters, as he pretends to cower in fear from a robber and then sticks the guy to a brick wall with his webbing. The Spidey joking around and mocking the robber's fear is a far cry from awkward Peter Parker; perhaps because he's behind the mask, it's easier to be in control. The tone is close to the very first teaser for the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, which had to be scrapped after 9/11: Of Spider-Man lashing a bunch of rogue helicopters to a web stretched between the World Trade Center buildings. Obviously such a scene was considered insensitive after the attacks, but consider the tone.

It's unclear if this is a bunch of bloopers edited together, or if the scene were intentionally edited in this breezy style. I hope the latter, because it would give us even more reason to believe that this movie won't be as dreary and put-upon as its predecessors became.