Jamie Foxx Basically Admits That He’s Playing The Villain In The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Jamie Foxx Electro The Amazing Spider-Man 2 villain tweet Halloween costumeThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn't coming out til May 2, 2014, but casting is already underway! We already know that Shailene Woodley will play Peter Parker's other love interest Mary Jane Watson, but how about the sequel's villain?

Just four months ago, Rhys Ifans was hinting at who he might have been speaking with in the movie's post-credits scene, and now Variety reports that Jamie Foxx is in talks to play the new baddie, Electro.

The Electro guess comes from the fact that in the scene we see flashes of lightning accompanying the shadowy figure, and (as you might've guessed) Electro can manipulate electricity. Ifans also mentioned that the villain would be someone who knows Norman Osborn; according to the comics, Electro eventually teams up with Osborn and the other evil folks out to kill Spider-Man.

And while Variety said that Jamie Foxx was just in talks to play Electro, shortly after the post went up, the actor tweeted this:

Jamie Foxx Electro The Amazing Spider-Man 2 villain tweet Halloween costume

A twitpic would've made us wonder if he were joking; a tweet all but confirms it. I think this could be fantastic! Jamie's roles in the past few years have vacillated between wacky (Horrible Bosses) and intense (Law Abiding Citizen). His next two movies strike a good balance: Django Unchained and White House Down. And as we saw from Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-Man, there's plenty of humor even as you're getting thrills and chills from all the intense superhero action.

Plus, I'm all for reimagining white comic book characters — who were probably drawn that way because they were created in the 1940s — as another race. I didn't even know that Nick Fury wasn't originally black, because Samuel L. Jackson just did such a fabulous job in The Avengers that his Nick Fury is the only one I envision now.

We're waiting on an official confirmation, but I'd love to see Jamie Foxx try to scorch the shit out of Andrew Garfield. What do you think?

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