The 9 Best Time Puns From In Time

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Let me be clear: I really liked In Time. Andrew Niccol‘s futuristic thriller may have lacked some of the poetry of Gattaca, but it was an exciting concept and really solid performances from Justin Timberlake and Cillian Murphy. And honestly, Niccol — who wrote, directed, and produced — seemed to have more fun than he did with the solemn dystopia of Gattaca.

To be fair, In Time‘s plot is a lot more intense than Gattaca‘s: In the future, you stop aging at 25. From then on, you're given one year; it's up to you to get more time, which is the new currency. Class warfare ensures that the rich have the means to gain as much time/money as they need, while the poor work and die in the ghettos. But that doesn't mean this action movie has to be all seriousness.

Aside from riddling the plot with sex jokes, Niccol also fully embraced the time puns. If you thought the trailer was bad, then just wait until you sit down for the film. With deliveries ranging from deadpan to a knowing smirk, the actors throw out exposition, come-ons, and threats all laced with double entendres. I was furiously scribbling notes every few minutes during the screening—and this is only a small collection.

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