The 7 Best Instances Of Doppelganger Sex

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Phoebe/Ursula, Friends

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Where to start? Phoebe’s twin sister Ursula (Lisa Kudrow in both roles) has been going after her men since they were kids, when she stole Phoebe’s first boyfriend. We first meet Ursula when she starts dating Joey; even though Phoebe isn’t interested in Joey, she finds it far too creepy to let it continue. There’s a similar issue when Ursula is engaged to Eric (Sean Penn), only for him to break up with her and start dating Phoebe when he finds out that Ursula’s lied about being a good person. Not to be outdone, Ursula seduces Eric pretending to be Phoebe.

But my favorite mix-up is the first time I heard of Ursula: When the gang discovers that “Phoebe Buffay” is a famous porn star known for such hits as Buffay the Vampire Layer and Inspect Her Gadget. Turns out Ursula’s been using Phoebe’s name for her side career — which Phoebe eventually accepts, since she just has the company send her all of Ursula’s checks.

The funny thing is, even though the character of Ursula was created first — she appeared on Mad About You before she was written into Friends — it’s clear that she’s always been the evil one.

Bridget/Siobhan – Ringer

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Sarah Michelle Gellar gets two mentions on this list: Her new CW show Ringer has her playing the missing socialite Siobhan, and her twin sister Bridget who, on the run from the mob, takes on Siobhan’s identity. As she slides into her sister’s life, she discovers that Siobhan wasn’t as boring as she thought — for one, she’s cheating on her husband (Ioan Gruffudd) with her best friend’s husband (Kristoffer Polaha from Life Unexpected). Never mind if Bridget finds another guy on her own!

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