The 5 Types Of Dudes Pop Culture Warns You About (But Give Them A Chance Anyway!)

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The 5 Types Of Dudes Pop Culture Warns You About  But Give Them a Chance Anyway  wallstreet460 jpgYou’d think by now we would realize that movies aren’t real life, and we all don’t end up with our version of John Cusack at the end of the day. Yet as much as resist the saccharine messages in TV and films, it’s almost impossible not to absorb the negative stereotypes about certain types of guys. You know, rich dudes with trust funds (always bad news, usually thrown overboard at last second for poor but kind-hearted best friend), lawyers and politicians (who will cheat on you while sleeping with prostitutes), and corporate bosses (who will cheat on you while sleeping with their secretary). We’re so ingrained into thinking of some professions as “evil” or “greedy” that we never give the guys we meet in that field a chance. So here’s Crushable’s handy guide to why movies are wrong about the jobs only villains would take.


Why they are skeevy: Traditionally, any show or film that has a politician in it is not going to portray them in the best of light. Even if the movie is about politics and the people who do good in public office, they are often beset by antagonists in higher positions of authority, and are often corrupted themselves. They are also manipulative, cheat on their wives, and hate the homeless.

Examples: Chris Noth in The Good Wife, Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight

Why you should give these guys a chance: Most people don’t go into politics so they can be evil jerks, they do it because they are idealistic and want to promote change in current public policy. Sure, on a national level you get some power-hungry, prostitute-dealing grease balls, but stick to meeting guys in local office and you might be pleasantly surprise. Just don’t expect him to have a lot of free time: He’s changing the world, after all.

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