The 5 People I Wish Had Been at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion

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The Teen Mom 2 reunion was fairly disappointing – it was fun to see everyone again and see how orange they all were, and there were a couple of interesting followups, but for the most part it was rehashed lameness from the season and Dr. Drew asking softball questions. Here are five people I would have liked to have seen at the reunion:

Megan Nelson

She had a more significant role in Aubree's life than Adam did. I suspect the reason she wasn't on the reunion was that MTV wanted to play up the Adam/Randy fight and two against one would have been unfair.

Kieffer Delp

Dr. Drew talked a lot of smack about Kieffer, which is unusual, because he usually tries to force people to make nice with each other and hug. But since Kieffer wasn't there, Dr. Drew went off on him. I can't stand Kieffer, but it would have been good for him to face Jenelle's accusations in person. And he has slightly more charisma than Kailyn's boyfriend Jordan.

Suzi Lowry

Too much time was devoted to the drama between Jo Rivera, his mom Janet, and Kail – but where was Kail's own cops-calling mother Suzi? Probably hanging out with her boyfriend, since she only cares about Kail when the cameras were on.

“Grandpa Mike”

Barbara Evans‘ occasionally-seen boyfriend seems like an interesting guy, and he could probably shed some light on the Jenelle/Barbara relationship. Also, I want to know stuff about him: how did he and Barbara meet? How long have they been together? Who owns the house they live in? He is helping raise Jace and yet we get almost no footage of him.

Amber Portwood

If Amber and Jenelle could have beaten the shit out of each other on TV, MTV's ratings would have gone through the roof.