The 5 Best Celebrity Confrontations As Told By Redditors

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The 5 Best Celebrity Confrontations As Told By Redditors paris hilton 400x300 jpgThe other day I stumbled across a fantastic Reddit¬†thread asking users to share their celebrity confrontation stories. It was really difficult to narrow it down to five; I wish I could’ve included three times as many, but then it would just look like I’m copying and pasting a Reddit thread over here. So, please read the whole thread when you have a chance.

I picked these based on the following criteria: 1) They’re celebrities that you all recognize, 2) the stories are a mix of behavior you’d expect and situations you wouldn’t, 3) they’re freaking hilarious.

DiabloPablo describes an anecdote that happened to his sister-in-law and that seems to sum up what we hate most about celebrity:

My sister-in-law was at a swanky club in NYC and had to use the bathroom but found it blocked off by Paris Hilton‘s bodyguards so she could use it privately.

Huge, long line and 20 minutes later Paris finally emerges and my sister-in-law makes a snotty (but well deserved) comment to Paris about making everyone wait in line to use the bathroom…Paris then pours a cranberry drink onto my sister-in-law’s white blouse. A bodyguard jumps in between the two and hands my sister-in-law a phone number and says to charge the dry-cleaning to it and ushers Paris out of the club.

I forgot about this one from coolitsember until I reread the thread to find today’s picks… Now I can’t stop giggling about it.

I was at an Obama rally back in August of 2007. We were at Florida A&M, in a smallish gym. We had shaken Obama’s hand and talked to him a bit, and ended up following him back behind the barricade, talking to him. He ended up hugging us and all this stuff, but security was not too keen on it so they asked us to move.

Obama climbs up on the bleachers to take a picture with the band. Security ends up pushing me to move on the other side of the barricade (not hard, but it was crowded), and I fell forward.

I reached up to grab the first thing to stop my fall.

It was Barack Obama’s ass cheek.

He laughed.

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