The 10 Best New York Comic Con Panels For Crushable Readers

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The 10 Best New York Comic Con Panels For Crushable Readers nycc shane jpgHere at Crushable, our capacity for geekiness is limited—we love Internet memes and Game of Thrones, but we don’t write about the bread-and-butter of geekdom (comics, sci-fi) as much as other sites. But we can’t ignore something so huge as New York Comic Con happening in our backyard! For better or for worse (depending who you ask), NYCC has grown to include more mainstream movies, TV, and celebrities, so we’ve compiled 10 panels that we think you guys would like.

Since I’m getting this out at the end of the day, some of these may have already passed. But really, this post is also for everyone who can’t make it to NYC but, based on these panels, might want to make plans for next October.

Once Upon A Time Exclusive Screening and Panel – Calling all Lost fans – join creators and executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (Lost and Tron: Legacy) as well as Erin Felentzer as they introduce you to the magical story of two parallel worlds: one in a distant fairytale land, the other in a present-day reality. Following the exclusive screening of the pilot, Eddy and Adam will participate in a Q&A panel moderated by Matt Mitovich, Editor-at-Large for TVLine.com, about this modern fairytale turned on its head. Arrive early for exclusive magic mirrors!

This is the show you’ve seen posters for: Fairy tales in modern day, starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison. Although the pilot is screening first at NYCC, the show premieres on Sunday, October 23.

Is The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo A Superhero? – The heroine of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy has “powers” that seem at times superhuman: she may not fly, but she’s an awesome cyberhacker, she’s got a photographic memory, and she’s tough mentally and physically. Should she be considered a superhero? Join long-time comic book writers and editors Tom DeFalco (Marvel), Danny Fingeroth (Marvel, Superman on the Couch), Paul Levitz (DC) , and Denny O’Neil (DC, Marvel), and psychologist Robin Rosenberg (Psychology of Superheroes, Psychology of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) as they discuss what makes a superhero and whether Lisbeth Salander should be considered one. Get a jump on these issues before the American film is released in December.

This is a question that director David Fincher has already grappled with, but it’ll be fun to hear comics professionals hash out the debate. Because having seen the Swedish films — plus the trailer for the American version with Rooney Mara — Lisbeth is pretty unbelievable, in the way that we all wish we were as badass as her.

Celebrity Ghost Stories: Fact, Fiction and Previously Untold Tales in Paranormal Pop Culture – The tabloids frequently publish stories of celebrities encountering ghosts in haunted houses or on the set of movies, but rarely do the celebrities themselves speak out. Based on his extensive experience interviewing them, national pop culture expert Aaron Sagers reveals their haunted stories – as told by the celebrities! There’s no “as told by a friend” here. Instead, in this multimedia presentation, listen to revealing tales from: Nicolas Cage, Dan Aykroyd, Dave Grohl, Ke$ha, Ace Frehley, Mike Mignola and many more!

Ghost stories are always much cooler when they come from someone whose authority you trust, or at least you know from movies. And who wants to bet that Ke$ha’s experience was fucked up?

Star Wars Trivia Contest – Come and compete for great Star Wars prizes in New York Comic Con’s Star Wars Trivia Contest. This last person standing contest is open to all and will be hosted by Star Wars artist Kevin Liell. So brush-up on your Star Wars knowledge and get ready for the biggest trivia contest in the Galaxy!

Star Wars is one of the geek series that we unashamedly cover. Too bad we couldn’t make it to this one in-person—we would’ve kicked ass.

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