‘That Girl in Pink’ Benni Cinkle’s Music Video ‘Can You See Me Now’ Would’ve Made a Better Second Single for Rebecca Black

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Even though she and Rebecca Black aren't friends anymore, Benni Cinkle is promoting herself as That Girl in Pink — though we'll always remember her as “my friend is by my right, yeahh.” As promised, here's Benni's first single about misfits rising up against their abusers, “Can You See Me Now.” She's emphasized that she didn't produce it with Ark Factory, but maybe she could've used their help, 'cause it is just not working.

The problem is that this doesn't work as a first single: She's acting like we know and trust her enough to take this politically-charged message. Really, it would've been ideal for Rebecca.

We admit it, we were curiously looking forward to Rebecca's second single, “My Moment,” which made it even more of a letdown. It was a lame “yay I'm famous” piece of fluff, and Kelly Clarkson‘s “A Moment Like This” already rules that roost. It was instantly forgettable.

But a big part of Rebecca's journey that we've seen so far is how many people utterly hate her. She had to drop out of school because of bullying, after her video became a viral sensation and cruel teenagers had plenty of ammunition to throw at her. A “rise up and fight” song like “Can You See Me Now” would have been the perfect retort for Rebecca. I'm not saying that the song is any better in quality than “My Moment,” but at least the subject matter fits better.

Ah, well. Benni has a website devoted to her pink persona, so you can keep up with her inevitable next single. One question, though: Why does she look like a middle-aged housewife? There's some weird combination of the lights and the wind machine to make her look way older, and not in a good way. She can't be more than fourteen, right?